IV Therapy

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is when vitamins, minerals and or medications are delivered intravenously.

IV therapy bypasses the digestive system and because of this cells can absorb nutrients much faster than they would otherwise. Since nutrients and medications are absorbed much faster many people experience symptom relief in mere minutes

How does IV Therapy Work?

IV therapy works by delivering vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream through a drip. Dr. Garcia will prepare and administer the IV unlike most places that are done by paramedics and nurses.

How Long Does IV Therapy Take and How Long Do the Effects Last?

It depends on the IV that you choose and how fast you want the drip to go. IVs take 15-90 minutes to complete. Some patients feel the effects four days to two weeks after the IV. It usually takes a couple of hours for IV fluids to leave your body.

The IV's we offer:

Hydration for dehydration

Happy Hangover






Vitamin C in high doses


Lahens Immune


A Plus Student


Miami Influencer


Cellular Repair


Extra Myers


Boss Babe / CEO


Disney Ready


Jet Lag


Super Immune