About Dr. Garcia

Professional Profile

Dr. María García Lahens is the founder and owner of Lahens Medical Center who's first clinic opened in 2007 in Orlando, FL. Since 2007 she has been in charge of improving the physical and mental well being of more than 10,000 patients. 

In 1990 she graduated as a general practitioner with an emphasis in family medicine, at the University of Medical Sciences of Santiago de Cuba, and completed her residency in anesthesiology at the Vladimir Ilich Lenin University Hospital. In 1992, she traveled from her native country of Cuba to Florida, where she began working as a medical assistant at F&A Medical Health Center . It only took her two years to demonstrate her professionalism, charisma and desire to succeed, and thus she was promoted to Medical Director at Central Florida Primary Care in 2004. She held this same position at Stop Injury Medical Center and at Versallies Diagnostical in 2005 and later founding her own clinic in 2007, of which she is now the CEO and Medical Director.

Lahens Medical Center started operations as a small establishment with an average of six patients per day and quickly outgrew its first office space.

García Lahens has carried out several courses and researches in the field of neuroscience, medicine associated with the mind and the body, coherence of the brain and the heart. Similarly, he has studies in functional medicine, anti-aging, aesthetics, psychology, neuroplasticity, immunology, weight loss, longevity and epigenetics. She is certified in mental health by Dr. Daniel Amen and is constantly trained in the latest discoveries and advances in medicine.


Awards and honors

  • Award for the best chair in the framework of the Hispanic Women's Health Summit, May 2005.
  • For more than 18 years, she participated as an expert in health and well-being in the radio program Las Mañanitas with Lucy Mar. (Orlando, Florida)
  • She participates as an expert on health, wellness and preventive medicine issues in major media outlets
  • Speaker at corporate events, medical and senior centers
  • Consultant for doctors and nurses on topics of functional medicine and entrepreneurship
  • Mentor of students from universities such as Ana G. Méndez, UCF and Keiser, among others, who carry out their medical practices in her private clinic.